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Client Testimonials

Welcome to UK Urban Foxes, a part of Pest Company which specialises in the control and removal of nuisance foxes.  We offer a discreet service which is humane, professional and with a sensitive approach to home owners, schools, sports grounds, care homes, industrial or construction sites.  We place health and safety above all other considerations and guarantee a positive result for all our customers.


Call or email the office now and regain control.  We will be happy to complete a survey of your property and/or grounds.


We will put your mind at rest and provide you with a solution to your fox problem.  Through our extensive experience in this field we will be able to carry out the work with precision and professionalism.  Tell us what you want and we will make it happen.


The testimonials given here represent a cross section of my clients, ranging from schools to domestic dwellings and apartments run by residents associations, all of which had a fox problem.


These testimonials  are all a result of my highly specialised and professional approach to fox control in all situation and scenarios whether domestic, industrial or commercial.