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UK URBAN FOXES are a part of Pest Company of which deals with general pest control.  But we wanted to capitalise on over thirty years experience in the control of foxes both urban and rural, and offer this specialist service to our potential customers.


Over the years we have developed and modified a method of fox control which is particularly suited to our towns and cities.  We realise that foxes both urban and country are essentially the same animal, there are of course sufficient differences to affect the way we approach the problem and this is where we excel, why we can guarantee success.


We understand what our clients are experiencing, the problems they face their concerns.  Our detailed knowledge enables us to inform our clients, involving them in the various stages of the process putting them at their ease.  Their fox problems are now our problem.


I am contracted to DEFRA to respond during any disease outbreak dealing with infected livestock in the field, I am also on the Police call out system to humanely deal with deer or other animals injured in road traffic collisions, I have been trained by the humane slaughter association (HSA) The British Deer Society (BDS) and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), plus ongoing training keeping my skills up to date. All of the above coupled with my many years experience and many satisfied clients makes UK URBAN FOXES the first company to call to get the job done.


The testimonials given here represent a cross section of my clients, ranging from schools to domestic dwellings and apartments run by residents associations, all of which had a fox problem.


These testimonials  are all a result of my highly specialised and professional approach to fox control in all situation and scenarios whether domestic, industrial or commercial.