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Client Testimonials

UK URBAN FOXES focuses on providing a fox removal service


Although there are several methods of fox control available, they vary in degrees of success.  This “success” can be measured in terms of effectiveness, man hours, cost and humaneness.



My preferred method is to cull on site as part of a pre determined plan tailored to the client’s circumstances and wishes.  This means pre baiting at a specific time over a period of days and in a strategically and safe area

of the property.


This tried and tested method used over many years is guaranteed to get results and is humane, selective, causes no stress for the fox, as it is instantaneous, discreet and safe. I charge a fixed fee regardless of the number of foxes, over one or two visits.  I will explain in detail the whole process during the free survey and on the day of the cull I will inform the local Police which generates a CAD number which in turn provides you with a reference.


Live Catch Trapping

This method is a last resort as it is very costly both financially and in terms of man hours.  The traps have to be checked every 24 hours minimum and can in some case take several weeks to capture a number of foxes, in addition and in the interest of animal wellfair food and water must be supplied.  This method is extremely stressful for the captured fox and the end result is the same as captured foxes are not released.



Such as water jets, sonic devices or lion dung do not work at all; if they did I would provide them as part of my service.  Electric fencing is temporary and dangerous to children.  Improving the existing fence means it needs to be well over two metres and not have any outbuildings or lower walls close and that includes the neighbours.  It needs to be sunk below ground to prevent digging under.  The cost can run into the thousands and lasts until weather damage and is unsightly.


• Culling foxes is the only method which reduces the local population of foxes.

• All carcasses will be removed from site.

• No livery is used on any vehicle used by us so discretion is assured.

The testimonials given here represent a cross section of my clients, ranging from schools to domestic dwellings and apartments run by residents associations, all of which had a fox problem.


These testimonials  are all a result of my highly specialised and professional approach to fox control in all situation and scenarios whether domestic, industrial or commercial.