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Client Testimonials

Mr Taylor

On two occasions we have had to call Mr Tom Keightley of Pest Company as we were having problems with foxes, in each case he performed his duty in a thoroughly professional manner eliminating the problem to our complete satisfaction..  He also offered advice on dealing with any future fox infestation we may encounter and in every way most helpful.


His friendly attitude and easy manner in his dealing with myself and our residents were most reassuring in what we considered a major problem.  I can heartily recommend Pest Company to anyone having any kind of pest problem and he would be the first person I would call and should we have any future problems with foxes or any other pest.


Mr Gerald M. Taylor Chairman                             Redcotts Management (Worthing) Limited  


Mr Tim Lewis


“An excellent service at a sensible price:  Tom has dealt with all our invasive wild life problems – wasps, rats, mice and moles.  We were particularly pleased with his humane removal of foxes from our school grounds.....highly recommended”


Headmaster Tim Lewis. Sussex



We have been using Tom Keightley for several years and been enormously impressed with the professional and extremely efficient way has dealt with fox problems we have endured on our property.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tom, and would find it highly unlikely that I would be able to find anyone else as capable and discreet.  He has always responded and acted quickly when needed.  With a very threatening wasp invasion we had, Tom was with us and had sorted the problem within the hour.

A small holding. Sussex



Mr Mrs Householder

We were very impressed by Tom Keightley’s professionalism and knowledge of wildlife, in particular of urban foxes.  He took great care to carefully explain his plan of action and dealt with our problem of an over population of foxes in a calm and humane manner.  We have no hesitation in recommending him if you are considering the control of foxes in your area.

South Croydon

The testimonials given here represent a cross section of my clients, ranging from schools to domestic dwellings and apartments run by residents associations, all of which had a fox problem.


These testimonials  are all a result of my highly specialised and professional approach to fox control in all situation and scenarios whether domestic, industrial or commercial.