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The Urban Fox
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The urban fox is the same as any rural fox Vulpes vulpes however, there are differences that are not always immediately apparent and it is in their behaviour that we see this, such as smaller territories, food choice and actively seeking out us humans as part of their survival strategy.  


Although a member of the dog family, their movements, antics and agility are more cat like than dog, this feline similarity is in evidence when we see an urban fox walking along the top of a narrow fence or climbing through open windows or curling up on top of a garden shed.


This tolerance of man brings them into conflict with us as they increasingly choose to live within our towns and cities, this makes them bold more willing to take chances, push the boundaries.  Foxes are entering our gardens and their territories are expanding to include the inside of our homes in search of food and birthing sites.  We provide everything they need and they are not going to give that up easily.


There is no definitive answer as to how many foxes live in our towns and cities, but you only have to walk your local streets after dark to realise just how common they are.  We are not talking about a couple of hundred we are into the thousands, every garden on every street in every town or city play their part in the over population of urban foxes, as an experiment place a security light with a sensor in your garden and you will get an idea and surprise of the scale of the invasion.


If you consider and account for their agility, their lack of fear and their ever increasing numbers it’s not surprising we are hearing of more attacks on children and babies indeed adults.  The urban fox is basically a predator and like all predators they will exploit any food source, if it smells right and small enough its fair game and if it’s too large then they will take what they can.


A description of a fox would simply be an insult to the reader’s intelligence; the important thing is what problems are they causing and what am I going to do about it.  Noise, damage, pet predation, attacks on humans and disease are all reasons why my services are sought.  


Keep fox numbers at a low density and we will all benefit, including the fox.  


The testimonials given here represent a cross section of my clients, ranging from schools to domestic dwellings and apartments run by residents associations, all of which had a fox problem.


These testimonials  are all a result of my highly specialised and professional approach to fox control in all situation and scenarios whether domestic, industrial or commercial.